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An easy-to-learn strategy board game that is fun for the whole family. Can you build faster and defend your positions before your opponents attack your empire?

Middle Empire is only $19.99 + $5 S/H, get your copy now while supplies last!

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In Middle Empire you are in a struggle with your family and friends to see who can build the winning number of Empires first and hold off any attack.  To slow the other players, you can launch attacks on their territories.  Each turn, you decide which type of card to pick: Construction, Defense, or Attack and when to strategically play each one!

Middle Empire doesn't rely on the rolling of dice to determine a victor.  You decide how best to set yourself up to win!


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    Shorter than Risk, just as much fun

    Awesome. My family loves Risk but can’t quite afford to spend 6 hours every Christmas in constant battle with one another. This game solves that problem. Games are usually 30-50 minutes and same amount of strategy is involved. Love it.


    Awesome game!

    My mom and I had SO much fun playing this game. I'm very glad I bought it! Learning the rules was easy, but the game itself was full of strategy. I loved the artwork and the game board (the spots for the different decks was a nice touch!). Highly recommend this game!


    easily to learn

    Very enjoyable game, easily to learn, perfect amount of strategizing involved.


    Five Stars

    Easy to learn and quick moving with elements of strategy it's a fun family game.


    Five Stars

    Fun game, quick to learn and fun to play.


    Fast, fun, and a good thinker

    Fun game that was easy to learn and has just enough strategy involved to keep you thinking. After our first game of feeling our way through it, our second game finished right on 30 minutes. Pretty cool to have a strategy game that doesn't go hours on end!


    Great fun!

    Great family fun! Good combination of variance and strategy.


    Super fun game!

    This game became an instant addictive hit after a slow start in the first game as we tried to understand the rules....then the light bulbs were on for all of us, 10, 14, 17 yr. old grands, my 50 something son and me at 79! I'm not a strategy person but easily got the hang of it with setting up middle empires and winning a game! Most games took 30 to 50 minutes. Sent the game home with the grands family. I will be purchasing another game for myself.


    Great for all 9 -90!

    It was a big hit for 3 generations playing the first time on a family vacation. Upper elementary kids through grandparents all learned quickly and could be competitive. Gains and reversals happened quickly so all were engaged. Highly recommend.


    an area control game that thinks outside the box

    Middle Empire is an elegantly constructed area control game. It's unique from anything else I've played. Battle is certainly a key component, but instead of just, "the player who kicks the most ass wins," going back and forth trying to conquer your neighbors is a surefire way to drag the game out for a year. Simply having a territory does not earn you any points, nor does conquest, nor does branching multiple territories together. Only your empires count, and that requires a multi-turn combination of attack, defend, and construct cards. And a little bit of luck. ;-)


    Great time!

    My family loves this game! Even the nine-year-old asked to play it again. It's much quicker than Risk, so no one gets bored. Family fun at a great price!


    $20 for a life time of family and friend entertainment!

    The game is awesome! It is fun and goes by fast. I have had it for 24 hours and played it with my kids several times! It has a real replay value. If you like board games you need this in your collection. I have heard rumors that there will be future expansions which I am excited about!


    Looks to be a great game

    We have played Middle Empire once with two people and are looking forward to playing it with 4 soon!


    A new favorite

    This is a new family favorite for us. It has the fun of games like Risk or Axis and Allies ... but can be played in about an hour. My sons love it.


    Risk that doesn't take six hours to play

    Even though I have yet to beat my wife at this game after six attempts, it's still super fun to play! Think of it as Risk without spending an hour to set up, no dice rolling, and it's over in 30-45 mins. Very fun to play with family. If you like Risk but want a faster game that your family and friends will actually play with you, get Middle Empire.


    Obscure Indie Board Game That Mixes Splendor and Risk! Awkward a

    I came across this board game at The Games Keep in West Chester, PA. The art style took me away! It reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite. The sheer awkwardness of the front cover art and the back of the description sounded something an autistic kid would write. I went home and immediately ordered a copy from Nate himself. Like an unread pulp that promises sheer guts, the ensure description did fit my desire of the game.

    I will say the rules are written poorly. With experience in board games, rules eventually become universal, and similar characteristics from games can be measured. For example, the object of the game is to score 4 Empire pieces. However, the rules for winning are written as something like “one full cycle” which sounds poor in language. The proper rule would be that the winning condition is met at the start of your turn. Many other inconsistencies are in the rules, but I just ignore them of rephrase them.

    I love the feeling of drawling cards, playing each type, and discarding down. The game should really impose a phase structure. 1. Draw Phase 2. Active Phase 3. Discard Phase. I feel this game belongs into the card game category. My favorite types of games are political, and this game, with the right players and rules, can be really political.

    I did play the “variation” rules a couple of times. Universal roads are interesting. Personally, I wish the “Remove Road” card would also have extra text at the bottom to state “or move your own road.” I just ignore the part moving own roads and say it can only remove them. The discarding of cards “facedown” rule is silly as well. Also in the variation, it is possible to place a road between two opposing player buildings. Some politics can occur from this, but very little.

    I always felt this game was akin to Splendor. It’s like getting the gems but using them for combat and defense instead. Often strategy is building up on Construction cards with a careful balance of Defense cards. There is this speed run to get as many duplicate cards as possible. Theres also a feeling of Condottiere in this game as well. I was hoping to expect the game to be more like Gearworld (Borderlands) with the different card types. I was experimenting with the possible rule of alliances and player powers, something like Cosmic Encounter. Maybe this game can see expansions.

    Overall, I recommend this game. This game comes from Eastern Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York board game culture. You can see and feel the characteristics of the artist while playing. It’s like walking in another person’s shoes about game design. Criticism about this game is usual, either it’s backwoods or just stupid. I would like to see a variation of this game (with a different map) or an expansion.

    I am looking towards future releases from NateCoHoldings.


    This game is so much fun! I love the strategy of not needing to

    This game is so much fun! I love the strategy of not needing to roll dice and the variety of strategies cards to win, or in my case, lose with grace. Plus, it sets up easily and chances of rematch games can happen without spending so much time just on one game. You need to buy this game!


    Back and forth strategy action!!!

    Don't be fooled by the small company name. NateCo Holdings has produced an engaging, back-and-forth strategy game of build, attack, defend. The best aspect of the game is the ability to "choose" from one of three decks (construction, attack, defense) each turn depending on your strategy and current situation. The game shuns dice for pure strategy, though it isn't hard to learn for beginners. Oh, I almost forgot- the game plays great with 2 players, which is a huge bonus for couples! I definitely recommend giving it a shot. You won't be disappointed.


    Great for the whole family!

    Our family recently purchased this new game, and it's a hit! Although the recommended age is 13+, my children ages 6, 8, 10, and 11 yrs. quickly understood the concept. In fact, one of them is often the winner. I love that we can play it in under an hour!

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    Middle Empire Board Game

    Middle Empire Board Game

    An easy-to-learn strategy board game that is fun for the whole family. Can you build faster and defend your positions before your opponents attack your empire?

    Middle Empire is only $19.99 + $5 S/H, get your copy now while supplies last!