About us

Our company

NateCo Holdings LLC was formed to promote and sell the exciting strategy board game called Middle Empire.

With years of testing with family, friends, and independent play-testers, Middle Empire is now available to the public.  You may purchase it from this website's e-commerce store via a major credit/debit card, PayPal payments, or from local game shops.

  • Top quality game
  • Best customer service

Our team

Nate is the owner of NateCo Holdings LLC and the inventor of Middle Empire. 

He is seated on the left playing the game with his brother. Nate is the 'brains' behind the game.  Growing up in a household where he played games since early childhood with his family, Nate decided he wanted to create a game that was easy to learn and played faster than most strategy games. You can play a full game in only 30 minutes, while still keeping the game play engaging and dynamic!  Much of the art work for Middle Empire was hand-drawn by Nate's college friend Justin.  Many thanks go out to Nate's family, friends, and play-testers for play-testing the many variations and tweaking the rules.


I liked the simplicity of the game.  It is easy to pick up and learn quickly.  It was interesting.....as the game progressed, my strategy shifted.

Board Gamers at UD (University of Delaware)

Love the game.  Love the colors and map.  We can play a complete game in 30-45 minutes and have time for another.  I like how there is a variation to the game, it changes your strategy and keeps it interesting.

An avid board gamer

Our family just played this game for the 1st time today and it was a hit!