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      • "I picked up Middle Empire after playing it at WBC 2015. With 3 or 4 players, it's a quick play. It is very easy to explain, and new users pick it up quickly. I cannot understate how important it is to play with the rule variation outlined in the back of the rules. When the roads can be used by any player, it really opens up the game, and forces players to employ significant strategy to make a run for the win condition. There is a lot of underlying strategy. Some amount of game play is dependent upon 'luck of the draw', but in the 8 or more times that I've played this game, only once did I feel that bad luck significantly impacted my ability to adapt my strategy. Excellent game, one that has already received a warm welcome into our gaming group, and will see many more plays. The short playtime will make it a game that can easily fit into our schedule."

    • "Was introduced to this game at WBC 2015. Played one game with 3 players and immediately wanted to play again adding a 4th player. Adding the advanced rule about all players being to able to use each others roads amped up the fun even more. Yes, it is card driven, and yes, sometimes you just can't get the cards you need, but the game is so short, you just want to come back for another one. More plays reveal a deeper depth and planning to this game needed to win. Love the tough choices of balancing your hand with Attack, Defense and Construction cards. You have to have the right cards at the right time. While the board art is a bit simplistic, it is family friendly and won't overwhelm casual gamers. This game needs more love."