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Below, is also a supplemental video tutorial on how to play Middle Empire

Middle Empire Instructions

Question on being attacked:

Question: "If someone plays a "Double Attack" card on me using both attacks on me, can I play 2 "Defend Against Attack" cards to stop the attack or am I limited to only playing 1 "Defend Against Attack" card?"

Answer: If you are defending against a "Double Attack" and you want to use them, you can play 2 "Defend Against Attack" cards to stop the double attack.

Question on roads after attacks

Question: "If a stronghold or empire is destroyed and there is a free floating road, does that road disappear?"

Answer: Roads remain in place until a "Remove Road" card is used.

Question about card picking at the beginning of your turn

Question: "When I pick my two cards at the beginning of my turn, can I look at the card I just picked then pick another?"

Answer: Yes, you can pick one card, look at it then decide what other card you want to pick next.  You can't pick up your first card and say "this is no good" and put it back.