• Do you hate games that take too long to finish or when the dice don't roll in your favor?

    Middle Empire summed up in one sentence - "Think Settlers of Catan combined with Risk, played in only 30 minutes."

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    The board game that is fun for the whole family. Middle Empire is ONLY $19.99 +$5 S/H Get your copy while supplies last! All major credit / debit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal payments. Paying with a credit/debit card?

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    An easy-to-learn strategy board game for 2-4 players that is fun for the whole family. Can you build faster and defend your positions before your opponents attack your empire?

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    Your new game of Middle Empire will stop the frustration of "why am I still playing when I can't win" and change to "That game was fun and quick, let's play again!"

    In Middle Empire, you are in a race to construct and defend the winning number of empires before the other players, while holding the other players back! Middle Empire is a strategy board game that can be learned in 15 minutes and play a full game in 30 minutes. Middle Empire provides engaging and dynamic game play in every game, fun for 2-4 players.

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    Middle Empire is an easy to learn, quick playing strategy board game where players compete to obtain the winning number of empires through construction, defense, and attack cards. Players can construct their own strongholds on new spaces and upgrade them to empires or attack other players to obtain more strongholds. From your construction cards, you decide where to place a stronghold on the board or to upgrade to an empire. Strategically time the picking and playing of construction, defense, and attack cards! Should you attack the weaker player to further your game or try to hold off another player from winning in the next few turns? Can you protect your empires from others before another player can sneak attack you?

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